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Your purchase is shipped in a gold box adorned with the label pictured to the right, with the Floriography Card that is pictured with the item, as well as an optional Special Occasion Tussie Mussie Gift Card, folded and ready for your hand-written note. FREE US SHIPPING!!


Note: Any of the gold plated brass earwires can be substituted with hypoallergenic stainless steel earwires.


For Wholesale Orders, you will need to contact Jennifer Campbell for instructions to access the wholesale page:

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A gift of jewelry presented to celebrate a life event was a new and exceedingly popular Victorian tradition and these tokens were always saturated with sentiment. Victorians became thoroughly obsessed with the secret language assigned to love tokens, friendship gifts and mementos from cherished lovers, friends, and family.

Flowers, gems, and jewelry were commandeered as a means of discrete communication with elaborate messages being sent and received.


Everyday motifs were assigned meaning - a dog represented "faithful service," a butterfly and flower indicated "I am settled" and the list goes on.

Bridal Party
Desire Lines
White Rabbit
Wizard of Oz
Summer/Winter Harvest
Lily Pond
Antique Etching
Birds & Bees
Peter Rabbit
Assorted Pieces
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Below Are Gift Cards that I would love to ship with your purchase. Just make sure to check which card you would like to receive with your purchase. 


 Each piece is soldered and burnished, then hand painted. The result is a bunch of flowers that deliver a message, just as in Victorian times.

Contact: 603 -762-1818

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Assorted Pieces

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