• Jennifer Campbell

Valentine's and Victorians

In honor of Valentine's Day we wanted to make our monthly promotion all about love.

Floriography exploded in the Victorian era, making a gift of Valentine’s Day roses a form of communication. In floriography, each rose color represents the giver’s feelings toward the recipient.

Victorian Society was very conservative, and emotionally-reserved so the “talking bouquets” of floriography grew tremendously popular. Below are some meanings of common rose colors:

  • Red rose: Romantic love, desire (can be expressed with a single red rose)

  • White rose: Innocence and charm

  • Mixed red and white roses: Unity

  • Light pink rose: Grace

  • Dark pink rose: Thankfulness

  • Medium pink rose: Happiness

  • Lavender rose: Enchantment, love at first sight

  • Burgundy rose: Beauty

  • Coral rose: Desire

  • Orange rose: Fascination

  • Peach rose: Modesty, immortality

  • Yellow rose: Friendship, joy, gladness

  • Mixed colored roses: You’re everything to me

Here are some of our favorite open source photos from this special day and some of our pieces on sale for Valentine's Day