• Jennifer Campbell

The Victorian Cowgirl

On the Old West frontier, Victorian clothes became a link to the civilized lives people had left behind. The clothes were an absurdly refined contrast to the people’s rough and tumble existence in a wild and untamed land. Women like Calamity Jane and Annie Oakley were subjects of Victorian fantasy and women on both sides of the ocean yearned to be like these women. To break free of the constraints of Victorian society and live a life of freedom was something young Victorian women dreamed of. The reality was very different as women who tried to make their way across the Old West often times were just as bound by socieltal rules as their European counterparts.

In honor of these Western Women with Victorian influences Floriography Jewelry is pleased to announce the creation of three pieces inspired by these Western Stories. The Victorian Cowgirl Collection.

For the month of September we would like to offer these pieces at 20% off. Please take a look below.