• Jennifer Campbell

The Tussie Mussie Garden

Traditional European and American gardens that provided herbs, flowers, and edibles for the household developed, by Victorian times, in to personal plant dictionaries. Little bouquets, or nosegays, had been carried as fashion accessories as well as for fragrance, which were helpful during times when bathing was not a regular part of life.

Victorians, discreet to a fault, were fascinated by the idea of communicating in secret code, an exotic legend dating back to an eighteenth century Turkish harem. The Language of Flowers flourished, dictionaries were written, and parlor games tested expertise.

In this photo above of my garden, these flower meanings can be found:

Daylily- Coquetry

Chrysanthemum- Cheerfulness

Artemesia- Power, Dignity

Allium- Unity, Humility

Lavender- Distrust

Heath- Solitude

Gayflower/ Liatris- Gaiety

Boxwood- Stoicism

Red rose- Love, Passion

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