• Jennifer Campbell

Saying I Love You Mom with Flowers

As Mother ‘Day is fast approaching on May 8th, one of the ways we show our mothers we love them is with flowers. Symbolic meanings have been assigned to flowers for centuries but it was only during the Victorian era that the practice of using flowers to send secret messages became popular in England. In 1819 a book called La Language des Fleurs by Charlotte de la Tour was published in Paris and for the first time it gathered together the symbolic meanings of flowers from different pages and cultures.

'Floriography' (the language of flowers) soon became popular and publications of various flower dictionaries followed. In the Victorian era, when strict etiquette governed social interaction, flowers were used to express and even awaken feelings and emotions.

In its heyday, this language was easily expressed with nosegays (also called ‘tussie mussies’ and ‘posy’), bouquets commonly held by proper women to alleviate the effects of lowly odors. This custom evolved to include such flowers as expressed myriad concepts and desires. This floral language came to be expressed throughout Victorian life, as such flowers were depicted on fabric, china, stationary, jewelry, and even in the naming of daughters for whom certain expectations and characteristics were sought.

Some Particular Flowers Aimed at Showing Our Appreciation for Our Mothers


Perhaps the most traditional Mother's Day flower is the carnation. Pink carnations represent gratitude and love while red carnations signify admiration. White carnations are traditional flowers to give or wear in remembrance of a mother who is no longer living. Find the piece below click here


Very widely beloved blooms, roses of various colors convey a number of different meanings. A bouquet of mature rose blooms sends a message of gratitude. In white roses signify virtue, purity, and reverence. Yellow roses bespeak devotion. A rose symbolizes grace in a medium pink hue, gratitude in a dark pink color, and youthful joy in light pink. click here


Particularly beloved by many mothers, lilies come in a number of different varieties. A white lily connotes purity and majesty. The day lily is a Chinese symbol for motherhood. Calla lilies stand for beauty. The pieces below can be found in the Garden Collection


Violets signify faithfulness and devotion. The gift of a violet plant can provide a lasting reminder of your appreciation for a mother's devotion.