• Jennifer Campbell

Floriography August Promo, Grapevine Necklace

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In honor of the Victorian's love of wine and wine making I am please to offer my Grapevine Necklace at a promotional price for the month of August.

Here is an interesting article to explain Victorian's love of grapes and etiquette.

"Grapes on the dinner table have always been considered a sign of abundance. Dating back to Roman times all the way to present day, this precious fruit has always been considered a sign of opulence and splendor for those who delight in the sweet-acidic flavors of Bacchus, the god of winemaking. In Roman times, grapes were eaten as they are today – pulled one by one from the stem, with bare hands. However, in the 19th century, noblemen did not want to touch food with their bare hands as it was considered a practice looked down upon according to strict Victorian England etiquette.