• Jennifer Campbell

Edible Flowers

I like to decorate cakes with flowers. The best part of baking is wandering around the garden picking whatever is in season that might look nice, as long as it is edible. My favorites are pansies and violets, and their leaves. This is a cake I made for a wedding shower that features a white peony-flowering tulip and white and lavender violets.

Fairy roses, daylilies, grape tendrils, and mint leaves work well also. I pin them in place with frosting piped from a decorator bag.

Since it is lilac season, I’ll share a recipe from a fellow gardener for lilac syrup:

Put one part lilac blossoms (closed are best) in a sauce pan with one part sugar and one part water, and boil for a half an hour until the mixture coats the spoon.

I made an iced drink with it by slowly adding seltzer to some syrup in the glass, while mixing vigorously with a spoon. When it was completely integrated I added the ice. It has a lovely subtle color and subtle flowery flavor to match.

I think the syrup would make a great base for a buttercream. Later in the summer, lavender blossoms can be used.

Hops flowers are nice for bedtime. Try this warm drink I came up with:

Whisk in to warm milk some raw honey, and when it is incorporated remove from heat. Add a little coconut oil, and about thirty drops of lavender oil. Top with hops flowers and allow to steep for a few minutes.