Floriography is a wonderful term for the Language of Flowers, a discreet form of communication used in Victorian times.

Inspired by vintage greeting cards and botanical illustrations, Floriography celebrates a nostalgia for the romance of the Victorian era with a contemporary interpretation.

Imagine being able to communicate through the age old language of flowers. The Victorians created a cultural phenomena which we are proud to continue. Perfect pieces that say "I Love You", "You are a Great Friend" and many more.

All of the pieces on our site are made from brass components that are produced domestically from antique tools, which are soldered and hand-painted. Each of these pieces is a work of love and we hope you cherish them as much as we do.


Red Tulip - Declaration of love
Yellow Tulip - Hopeless love
Lily of the Valley - Trustworthy
Daffodil - Uncertainty, chivalry, respect, or unrequited love
Daisy - Innocence, loyal love, purity, faith, cheer, simplicity

White Roses - Eternal Love, Purity
Yellow Roses - Friendship
Red & White Roses Together - Unity
Thornless Rose - Love at First Sight

Hibiscus - Rare beauty, delicate beauty

How Flower-Obsessed Victorians Encoded Messages in Bouquets

Victorians used flowers a lot like we use emoji. | BY ROMIE STOTT  | AUGUST 15, 2016

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